Application development platform and coding tools that connect to 100+ web APIs in over a dozen programming languages and hardware devices (including Processing, Arduino, iOS, Android, Texas Instruments, Samsung, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and more)



I was Temboo's Design Lead for four years, working on the product's web platform, custom software tools, visual design, branding, marketing, UX design, UI design, and technical documentation for a wide range of programming languages, devices, and interfaces.

Selected Projects

I designed the user interface for connecting microcontrollers (like those from Arduino and Samsung) to the Temboo platform, which facilitated the development of user-generated applications that could store sensor data, send SMS alerts, react to VoIP prompts, or interact with over 100 different web APIs.

I was the Project Lead (and designed tutorials and programming examples) for the Temboo Processing Library, which utilized Temboo to connect APIs like Twitter, Google, Dropbox, and many others to the Processing development environment.