World Maps

A collection of hand-drawn world maps


Designer, Curator

Project Instructions

Participants in the project receive a blank card. Instructions printed on the card direct them to draw a map of the world on the reverse of every place they have been, varying size and detail depending upon each place's importance to them.


World Maps was exhibited at the 2012 Monitor Digital Arts Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico. Selections from the archive were animated and projected onto the surface of a blank globe.

Archive History

The World Maps archive has been developed from a series of workshops, surveys, and exhibitions. Selected maps (moving and still) are featured below.

New York (2014)

MFA Design for Social Innovation at the School of Visual Arts (New York, NY)

Guadalajara (2012)

Monitor Digital Arts Festival (Guadalajara, Mexico)

New York (2008)

Interactive Telecommuncations Program at New York University (New York, NY)


2008 - ongoing