Floor Plan

A digital representation of the 40-year spatial history of New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program. This archive documents the ever-evolving nature of the department, alongside continual developments in media production, programming, technology, and design.


Designer, Researcher

Project Site

Interact with Floor Plan

ITP Website

An animation of Floor Plan is currently featured on tisch.nyu.edu.

Floor Board

Floor Plan laser etched onto pieces of the department's wooden floorboards, salvaged during remodeling. [Produced in collaboration with Ben Light.]

ITP 30 Screening

Floor Plan also was screened on the IAC Video Wall as part of ITP's 30th anniversary held at Frank Gehry's InterActiveCorp Building in New York on October 3, 2009.

Floor Textures

An alternate version of Floor Plan featured the specific textures of each room's floor material.

Year Produced

2008, ongoing